2 years on

This summer marked our 2 years of living in Kandos. The heat was relentless. We hid inside for days, covering every window crevice with dark fabric. I even bought an air conditioner. We swam at the local pool, weir, dams (with snakes) and fled to the coast when we could. It was tough and I’m glad that autumn is now here.

Swimming spots like this one keep us sane


I’d like to say my garden is looking more established, but to be honest it looks like it’s barely changed. I’ve made a tiny dent but as soon as I turn my back, the leathery grass takes over. It is an ongoing war but I am determined to win.

The side yard with the veggie boxes and pear trees offers lovely shade

side garden 2

I’ve gone for a cottage garden look around the front. Wonder if the frost will kill it?

side garden 3

The roses along the front have miraculously managed to flower through summer


We’ve had endless tomatoes, rhubarb, celery, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and now eggplant


The animals have thankfully managed to survive the heat. I set up a bath for the chickens which they seemed to like (although it’s very hard to tell what chooks are thinking).

Penny spends the heat of the day inside the studio with Leo


Misty does whatever she wants


The most exciting news is that the rest of our house is now underway. This was always our plan but as plans often do, it went its own way. It’s early days but we’ve waited a long time for this. It’s going to make a big difference especially with our long legged boys getting more long legged by the day.

The frame is finally up


Our future back door


It feels nice to be moving along again. We moved here for a few reasons and being able to have a lovely home with a garden and animals was one of them. I value this every day.

Our little rough diamond, with her wonky front fence, is coming to life.

By Betty Buttercake

Betty Buttercake used to party likes it's 1999 (it was). Now she meditates whenever she can, loves collecting kindling for the fire and tries to keep it real and nice.

4 replies on “2 years on”

Ohh the west wing. I’m so happy for you Libby. Living the dream. As I age I yearn for a quieter spot with room and, more importantly, time to cultivate – literally and metaphorically .


Lib, I was listening to the radio last week and it’s a fact that chickens DON’t THINK ! The place looks as amazing. I am going to channel your inner garden goddess. A


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