Growing roots

It rained last night. Heavily. A big thumping storm that exploded above our sleeping heads, jolting the whole town from its sleep.

This was the first decent fall since we moved here, which is creeping to 3 months. I can’t believe it’s only that long. What I thought would be a long adjustment has strangely shot by.

I’ve been impatient though. Just ask Leo. I really really want to be living in our house now. But I’ve had to wait while the men with the power tools do their bit. In the meantime I just dig.

But we are getting closer.

We no longer have nicotine-soaked walls

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

We have a few rooms that are officially finished (mind the cord)


The boxy 4 rooms that were the awful dark kitchen are now 1 bright room


The old rotted verandah has a brand new lease on life

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

This last achievement is thanks to Dylan who turned up in town from Moree a couple of weeks ago with his pregnant girlfriend, massive P-plated ute and big black dog. He stuck up a sign in the main street saying ‘I can do anything, call me!’ So I did.

He is hilarious and very very good with a power tool. He’s full of advice having renovated a few houses despite being only 22.

Dylan keeps (strategically) coaxing us to do things that we probably would have postponed until never. He now works alongside Leo most days – the chatterbox and the silent. They make a great couple.

I’ve kept going with the garden and despite the lack of rain it’s starting to look a little better I think.

I’ve ripped out all Carol’s tatty old geraniums, which would probably infuriate her, and replaced them these sculptural things. I don’t know what they are called but I like them.

They run down the side of the house on the west side


On the east I am trying a succulent garden. Not sure how it will go in winter. My dad tells me gardening is all about experimenting.  So we will see.

We’ve had the old fruit trees pruned. They look much better. You can see how brown the lawn has become.

My Tuscan fantasy is to set up a lunch trestle table under this tree in Spring and eat delicious local delicacies made with love (if the local IGA has any in stock)

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Today we finally planted out the fence line with tiny plants that will become a hedge. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages.

When it eventually grows you will only be able to see green and mountain


And in the meantime our new baby sleeps through all the drilling, banging and cursing. We’d been thinking of having a third child for a long time. Yes, I’ve become a fur mama.

She is called Penny. We love her as much as this funny little town.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

By Betty Buttercake

Betty Buttercake used to party likes it's 1999 (it was). Now she meditates whenever she can, loves collecting kindling for the fire and tries to keep it real and nice.

3 replies on “Growing roots”

What amazing progress you guys have made in just 3 months! And what a change from the city scape. Looks like a lovely garden for the future. Great to read your news, thanks and all the best, BB


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